Friday, September 27, 2013

Blaaargh! - W.I.P. - 01


Here I would like to share a W.I.P. of a personal project temporally called
"blaaargh! - a kind of self image".

Everything began when I went out of a crazy rush project sequence in my studio. Thinking about what just happened, I imagined a grimace and took a reference photography of myself trying to reproduce what I felt (this one at the left side). I put a small picture here, so its a little bit more difficult of somebody use this against me, lol :P
Sure, this was totally ridiculous... but I used this reference to get this sketch painting:

Now I'm trying to do something more refined, developing the project in 3d. Here is a "foward history" recorded in ZBrush, showing the blocking phase of the monster sculpture:

music: Paul Revere and The Raiders - New Orleans

For now, its only this...

Thank you for your attention! :)

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